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Swans of Wells 2012

23 October

Swans of WellsSwans of Wells 2012 was a major tourism initiative for Somerset, which featured the public display of sixty, magnificently decorated, 5ft swan sculptures, one for each of the sixty years of the Queen’s reign.

Bath Crockhire was proud to be involved with this event which included the swans being rounded up in early September and displayed in one giant flock. This culminated with the   ‘Swansong Auction Preview Weekend’ at the Bishop’s Palace in Wells, attracting over 10,000 swan fans who came to say their final farewells before the ‘Swansong’ charity auction on 29th September, which brought in bids of over £110,000.

Swan artists receive 25% of the auction sale price of their swan sculptures and all net profits from the ‘Swans of Wells 2012’ event will be donated to local Wells charities.