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Who would have thought it!

23 June

Come and see what happens when Jenny Crockhire is not organising other people, and washing-up. She swaps her red apron for artisan’s overalls and makes ‘stuff’. Jenny (as Jeni Wood) has been invited to show her work with five Swansea artists who call themselves “Commensalis”. They are Rose Davies, scribbler and printmaker; Melanie Ezra, photographer […]

Swans of Wells 2012

23 October

Swans of Wells 2012 was a major tourism initiative for Somerset, which featured the public display of sixty, magnificently decorated, 5ft swan sculptures, one for each of the sixty years of the Queen’s reign. Bath Crockhire was proud to be involved with this event which included the swans being rounded up in early September and displayed in […]